A Rare Connection To Spirit

In this lifetime, I have become conscious that I have a rare connection to Spirit. What does that mean? I have worked on figuring out the answer to that question for a long time and I believe I have come close to answering it.

Having a rare connection to Spirit means THAT I AM SPIRIT. It is my nature to be Spiritual. This is not to say that other beings are not spiritual and as I perceive it; all humans are spiritual, whether they are conscious of it or not. What I have realized about my rare connection to Spirit is that I am never locked in dogma, never not Spirit as my path is experiential where I define my spiritual path and not allow someone else to. My spiritual path is based on how I feel, how I perceive not how some sacred text, Guru, Priest, Pastor, Minister, Monk, Shaman or Rabbi tells me to feel. I tell THEM what’s up. See where I’m going with this?

I am indelibly intertwined with Spirit, God, The Creative Source, The All There Is as a matter of just who and what I am. This is NOT a statement of my being better than, more than, or any egoic statement of any kind. I am admitting my rare connection to Spirit that I have had all my life and I know it through my natural spiritual experiences that have continued, unabated from birth. These experiences have been many and varied from seeing the aura of everything to seeing Spirit beings in my presence to seeing Angels to hearing Spirit talk to me. Take away what you wish from this and all I’m stating is my conscious awareness that I have a rare connection to Spirit.

Perhaps this will motivate you to look at your own connection to Spirit. It is a quintessential Connection in my experience.


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