Your Ego Is Shouting So Loudly, I Can’t Hear You Talking

From my recent experiences, I have found most people fighting on-line about this or that political, social or cultural thing and though these people think they are proving their point, “they are usually fighting over identity-over each one’s right to be who they are.” Paraphrased from Norman Fischer in Lion’s Roar magazine. To me, I feel like the people arguing on-line are egos shouting so loudly that I can’t really hear them talking. What does this mean?

For me it means that all I can hear is their judging, controlling, approving, comparing, competing of their identity, their ego, that is, who they think they are and it drowns out the voice of who they really are: their soul. If they were speaking through their soul, they would recognize that what is political, social and cultural are not facts but opinions. Facts are twisted every day to fit some group’s agenda and the news slants facts to their political bent so we are never talking real facts because there is no truth. What is true for you is not necessarily true for me because we each see our reality through the filter of our perceptions based on our upbringing, thoughts and beliefs.

The only truth there is is the truth of the soul which knows that we are all Spirit having a human experience. The soul knows that the ego identity of the human body it is inhabiting is ephemeral, impermanent and does not see things the way the ego does. So, when the soul engages in political, social and cultural discourse, it goes to a Consciousness level of saying, “how does your identity’s viewpoint help to grow your soul’s awareness.” The soul does not feel the need to defend the ego’s shaky sense of self. At the level of the soul, there is nothing to defend and all the arguing human becomes is an annoying squawk box. It’s empty. There is nothing there. It boils down to each person fighting over their right to be who they are.

I say that I don’t have to prove to you who I am. I don’t need you to prove to me who you are. I know who I am and it is something beyond my ego. Do you know who you really are?


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