YOU Are Your Purpose

I am seeing a big movement in self-help circles toward popularizing finding one’s purpose. I find the idea of helping others finding their purpose in life a noble proposition. I do, however, have one issue with telling people that you can help them find their purpose: who and what they are is ALREADY their purpose. Say what? I say again, who and what they are from birth is ALREADY their purpose. What am I saying here?

I am saying that the expression, the human being and all it’s about, was specifically chosen by your soul and who you are IS your purpose.

Let me explain. Your soul incarnates for a purpose as who you are and what you are. You must, of course, become self-aware in your lifetime to understand what you’re all about but most people ignore these signs in themselves because they are ignored by society at large. The most important aspect of knowing your purpose is that it doen’t have to be grandiose. For example, your purpose in this lifetime could be to learn to accept your empathic nature and not see it as a burden or weakness. It doen’t matter what your day job is but that job could be intertwined with your purpose. Here’s another example. Mother Teresa was born with one purpose and it was not to serve the poor of India. It was to learn to not forget to love herself which she realized she had done and it was only on her deathbed that she spoke of her forgetting to love herself. Her PURPOSE in being in service to the poor of India, of becoming a nun, was to remember to ALSO love and be in service to herself.

Everyone is doing their purpose whether they or you are aware of it or not. We may look at someone’s life and judge that they are not doing their purpose because we see that they are unaware and unconscious but they are indeed doing their purpose, otherwise, they would not be in a body. That body, mind, emotion and soul that you are is your purpose. It’s already there. The trick is to grow in self-awareness so that you can see what your purpose is with greater clarity, with more self-understanding, with a conscious knowledge of who and what you are. Do not let outer appearances fool you into thinking that your purpose must be grandiose. Every soul and therefore, every human is a “somebody.” Who you are with all your uniqueness is your purpose.

Therefore, I say, work on your uniqueness, be who you are, be your authentic self and don’t ever believe you have no purpose. You do. YOU without having to do anything are your purpose. Your soul specifically chose YOU to fulfill its mission on Earth. Your job is to become more aware of yourself and in that awareness are the keys to a deeper understanding of why you are the human you are.


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