What Lowers Your Vibe The Most?

Your vibe is the level of your thoughts, feelings and behavior and your vibe determines how you feel, your health and wealth. That which lowers your vibration and the level of your consciousness the most is your complaining and your gossiping. Both of theses behaviors are vibe, feeling and health killers. Why is that?

The reason that complaining and gossiping lower your vibes is because the negativity in those behaviors cause a lowering of your vibration, that is, the level of your life’s energy is brought down. The very low energy thoughts that are in your complaining and gossiping act as a drain that pull down your entire Being’s energy level. These low energy levels perpetuate a low energy reality where you get sick, feel listless, don’t have enough in your life, attract negative, low energy people into your life that cause you endless heartache and on and on.

What can you do to stay in a positive vibration and feel more up? Admit your feelings about the thing to yourself and a confidante and then stop. Don’t continue complaining and gossiping. Resolve to live in loving-detachment where you have compassion and you create a boundary between you and the thing, person, situation, occurance and stop taking it personally. Just stop all the remonstrance, stop thinking that this is you or about you. You know how you feel and the rest of it is not your concern and is probably out of your control. Don’t own the negativity.

When you release yourself and another from the grips of your complaining and gossiping, your feelings improve and your vibrations go up automatically and your reality improves where you start to see more positivity in your life. Is it hard to stop complaining and gossiping? Not really. You have to dedicate yourself to changing your behavior. It may take a minute but it will improve your life dramatically for you ARE your vibratory level. You are like a musical note or tuning fork that is energetically vibrating at a certain level. While everyone falls into a low note every once in a while, it’s no fun to stay there.


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