What Is Being Out Of Alignment With The Universe?

I have come to the point where I am not often out of alignment with the Universe but I do, sometimes, get out of balance with my attunement. Yes, there are times when I am out of alignment with the Universe and for me, it is very clear in terms of what occurs in my reality, that I am out of alignment. What does it mean to be “out of alignment with the Universe” and how do you know?

From my experience with the “Universe” it is misunderstood as something just “out there.” The Universe is not just “out there.” The Universe is also “in here,” that is, inside all of us. We human beings are the Universe. Other names for the Universe are God, Creative Source, The All There Is and a million other names for the conscious energy that is Creation, existence. This energy of Creation is alive and intelligent and vibrates at a high level of reality, so high in fact, that it has no duality or negativity like humans do.

This conscious energy is in everything including us and when we ignore or forget that we are this energy and live in lower energetic awarenesses like hating, being greedy, obsessing over materialism, being intolerant, complaining, gossiping, being angry, being depressed, worrying, obsessing, being selfish, fearing and so on, we pull ourselves out of alignment, that is, we are not a vibrational match with the high vibration of the Universe which does not have hate, fear, anger, etc and we thus fall out of alignment with the Universe.

What happens when we fall out of alignment with the Universe is very plain to see. Everything in your life starts going wrong. You start having accidents, money woes, people problems and on and on. When these things happen, the Universe is telling you you are out of alignment with it.

So, what can you do to get back into alignment with the Universe? Be, more often, in an energetic state of Love where you are NOT constantly negative, full of worries, gossiping, fearful, angry, intolerant, abusive, aggressive, selfish, competing, unconscious, comparing, judging, approving and having an agenda to be better than. These things I just mentioned are negative vibrational energies that are low energies. When you are an energetic match with the Universe, that is, a match with your REAL self because you and the Universe are one, you will be in alignment, in attunement with the Universe and be in the natural flow of abundance of the Universe which is the natural state of the Universe.


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