What Does Being Spiritual Really Mean?

It took me until later in life to discover what being spiritual really means and it has nothing to do with crystals, mediation, candles, prayer, tarot, going to church, etc. The revelation that I discovered and experienced about what it means to be spiritual is to be grounded in a deep reverence for being Human on Earth while knowing you are a soul/Spirit having a human experience. This deep reverence of physio-spiritus, having one foot on Earth and one foot in the Spirit world, is applied in human form to everything and how one treats everything including oneself. This is evinced in human behavior as a sense of the sacred and a path of grace.

Here’s an example: I have a neighbor who believes in Jesus and keeps telling me that Jesus is the answer, that since I’m not a Christian, I’m going to Hell (judgemental) yet, he tells me he doesn’t like black people and treats the Hispanic people who are my lawn maintenance guys with distain by telling them he’ll give them $5.00 to cut his lawn when he knows that it costs $25.00. He also keeps his landscaping looking like garbage and dirty with no real concern for how his landscaping looks. His curtains in his front windows are all gray with dust. He is not a bad man as he treats me with friendliness and helpfulness. But is his behavior spiritual in light of his so-called belief in Jesus? Sorry folks, I say not. I say that this is not true spirituality. He may really believe in Jesus and all I’m saying is I would like see it reflected in his general behavior as a reverence for life...even an ant, a bug or a person, no matter their color.

While I’m not asking that my neighbor be perfect, I do see a lack of true reverence for people, the Earth and his environment. Don’t come at me with Jesus and then talk racist, behave racist, be dirty and have a messy and ugly landscaping. To me, how you treat things and non-things shows me the level of your spirituality and it does matter.


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