The Reason This Empath May Not Be Around You

As a person, I have never met another person I didn’t like. I always did my best to understand others rather than be understood. That being said, I often shied away from many people and others said I was aloof, shy or just plain judgmental of others. None of these descriptions is true. The real reason that this empath is not around you is your low vibration. Why is that?

This reason that this empath cannot be around most low-vibrating people is that, for this empath, these low vibrations are toxic, cause consternation and simply bring my energy down. I am not judging you. I just can’t tolerate the vibrations of most humans because they vibrate in mostly 3D where their thoughts are largely negative, confused, controlling, approving, competing, comparing, have an agenda, want to be better than and evince passive/aggressive behavior. I have found these others to be inauthentic, fake. Please understand that I am not talking about judging them as I have been around low-vibrating people for years and happily dealt with them, loved them. I decided, for my own well-being and happiness, no more!!! I will be around you on rare occasions but I cannot make a habit of it. I am not here as your teacher, your parent. If you are of a low vibration, that is, you’re a narcissist, racist, supremicist, etc.  I cannot be around those vibrations as they make me sick, no offense. I don’t care what kind of person you decide to be, how you think, your opinion. I just cannot take being around low vibrations because it upsets my empathic nature of unconditional love, compassion, tolerance, deep feelings, understanding, harmony and balance.

So, the next time you don’t see me, don’t take it personally. Please be your low vibrational self by all means. I’m just not going to let those vibes effect me any more by being absent from them.


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