The Concept Of God Has Been Perverted

Humanity has perverted God to where most people on Earth believe God is an old, white man who is vengeful, living in Heaven which is located in the sky!!!! Say what? This is the most childish, backwards, misguided notion of what God really is. It shows that most of humanity is of a low consciousness. So, what is the true nature of the idea we humans call God?

The true nature of God, from my experience of being intimately connected to the energy of God, is that God is not a man at all, nor is God a woman, a thing or a being of any kind. God is not the ego of man. God is not on any human’s side and no human owns God or has the corner on how he sees or worships God. God is a Consciousness, a Force, an Energy that is creative and has the ability to Create all that we humans can perceive and are. God is in the very cells of humans and everything that is alive and not alive. God does not think like a human. God does not look like a human and Jesus is not God. God is in everything as a living Creation. We are all God, not just this Jesus that the Christians invented. The God of all the major religions on Earth are ego based because they each proffer that their religion is the one “true” religion and their God is the one “true” God. Nonsense. That’s human ego talking, not Spirit.

God is a Consciousness and to know that Consciousness a human must look at himself and everything around him and know that it is God. Everything is God. To touch the energy of God, you have to touch that energy in yourself. God is NOT in your church, temple, mosque, etc. God resides in your heart and if God is not in your heart then you are Godless which is the case with 99% of humanity hence all the war, greed, killing, starvation, etc. God isn’t killing humanity, humanity is killing humanity and those in the Vatican know it and proffer a perverted notion of God to stay in power.


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