The Alien Is The Soul Of The Human

The true “aliens”on planet Earth are not the extraterrestrials from other planets that humans make a big deal about but human souls that are the true “aliens.” The Human soul is NOT indigenous to Earth. Human souls are not from here. The indigenous souls of this planet are those of the Devic Kingdom like the fairies, pixies, brownies, trolls, etc. our souls are from somewhere else but were called here to populate and evolve on Earth in an experiment of conscious soul growth.

While our Adam Kadmon type bodies with a head, two arms and two legs are the most populous form in our Universe, it is our soul which is the true “alien.” Souls can incarnate anywhere in the Universe and they do and will. The soul’s Of Humans are no different. What does it mean that our human souls are “alien.”

First of all, please understand that there is no such thing as a human soul. The soul is not attached to ANY specific format be it human or otherwise. Soul is an alien consciousness that can take on ANY form and it does and it has. Humans are too hung up on thinking that the human body is the only template which a soul inhabits. A soul can be much larger in scope than is currently allowed in human belief. Souls can inhabit planets and they do just like the soul of Earth is called Gaia. Yes, the Earth has a soul. Our very Sun is called Sol. Think of it this way, a Dolphin is an intelligent being with a soul but is not human. Some scientists believe that Dolphins are smarter than humans and perhaps their soul is more advanced. Dolphins don’t have an Adam Kadmon body.

This is to say, don’t confuse soul with human. Human is a type of format which soul expresses to experience an actionable presence in a holographic environment for the purpose of expanding its awareness. A soul is an alien that can take on any format it chooses. So, don’t be afraid of so-called aliens as portrayed by the government and Hollywood. These beings from other Galaxies or Universes or dimensions are more afraid of you than you are of them and some of them don’t even have souls.


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