The Afterlife? What Happened To The Beforelife?

Most people speak about an “afterlife,” still trying to prove there IS one in the human mass consciousness of the Newtonian and Cartesian belief systems that posit that humans and the universe are machines that run for a while and die. Lights out! From my consciousness of being intimately connected to the “other side, “ these are misguided and unaware notions. Why is that?

The truth about existence, from my experience with Spirit, is that there is a “beforelife” AND an “afterlife” or what I call “life.” Sure, humans go from expression to expression as their soul comes and goes into incarnate/physical life but humans also have souls that continue to live in what I like to call “the continuum of life.”

All that each human is from all its human expressions is contained in its essence, it’s Akash and is forever moving in its arc of a Cosmic spiritual journey that NEVER ends. Our human experiences come to a close as the human format is an expression of the soul. The soul is the real survivor and it is an energy of Spirit that never dies.

All of your human lives are chosen by you for reasons of experiencing expanding awareness through human form. All the humans you are on planet Earth are “expressions” of your soul. The more you experience the expanding of your soul’s awareness with conscious intent in expression after expression, the more your soul matures. That’s what is meant by an “old soul.”

Your soul is life everlasting. It’s the real “YOU.” The word “afterlife” is a fake notion. There is no “afterlife.” There is only life.


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