Once You Believe, Signs Are Everywhere

Once you believe, signs are everywhere. Once you believe what and what signs are these? The answer is, once you believe that YOU have the ability and power to create your reality not by changing the outside condition or other people but by changing your perception of yourself from what negative thinking, feeling, believing and behaving in YOU was causing your deteriorating reality to begin with to a more positive perception. Once you believe YOU are the cause of your suffering and ONLY YOU can change it, there will appear “signs” in your reality that support your efforts to take back your power.

A good example is being a complainer and gossiper about your life because you feel it’s not good for whatever reason. These complaints and gossip will match you with the same level of thoughts in the “Universe” that will then align with you and show you signs that, yes, you are right about your complaints and gossip and here’s more to complain and gossip about. When you complain, you put yourself into a never-ending spiral of negativity that comes back on you, over and over again until you get disgusted enough to change your thoughts to more positive thoughts.

When you are negative, the signs you will receive are, among others, having a shortage of money, getting sick, things that you own breaking or breaking down, bills piling up, negative people coming into your life and so on.

To break the negative cycle you have to resolve to see that YOU cause your life to be the way it is, not others. You have to believe that your reality starts with YOU. The Universe gives you signs to only guide you and tell you when you are on the right or wrong track. YOU and only YOU, determine the track.


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