My Presence On Earth Is My Doing

There is no job, no productivity that I have done or am doing that matches the awesome productivity of my presence on Earth. My presence on Earth is my doing, is my productivity. What does that mean?

It means that my presence here is doing something and that something is bringing, holding, sending out, being, the frequency, the resonance of Love, Healing and Wisdom. Don’t be fooled by my human form as that is only a mask, a format, a pretense. What I am doing here goes way beyond the human form I have taken. My reason for being here is to bring my presence of Love, Healing and Wisdom to bear on Earth and all its inhabitants to assist in the Great Shift in consciousness we are currently experiencing.

You are also doing this in your own way as what your purpose is here is who and what you are. You may think that you are your identity, your persona/psyche/ego is YOU as the human in the job you have. You are misguided if you believe that. You are not your job, nor are you just the human you are playing at being. You are more, much, much more. You are a radiant being who has willingly signed up to be present during this time of great change and you did it consciously, from your soul. Your soul knows what’s going on and why it’s here even if you are unconscious of your reason for incarnating. Your PRESENCE is your purpose, your doing.

Now, please understand that knowing that your presence is your purpose, your doing, does not mean doing nothing while you are in human format. The reality of our being in human format has its place because it helps us navigate as a player in this program, this Matrix, this 3D Consciousness Level, this sandbox called Earthly life. But again, there is much more going on here in our Earthly life than just being human. We are ALSO soul’s having this human experience and our souls vibrate at a conscious frequency that contributes to the whole. All humans have consciousness, have awareness of Self albeit at different levels. Some have very high consciousness, some very low. It doesn’t matter because ALL CONSCIOUSNESS IS BEING RAISED, ALL AWARENESS IS EXPANDING and that is the reason for our experience here as souls in a human format.

May I encourage all who read this to resolve to work on their consciousness level because it is through this practice that you will discover what you are REALLY doing here. YOUR PRESENCE ON EARTH IS YOUR DOING. WHAT IS IN YOUR PRESENCE?


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