Loving Yourself Is Not Selfish

Loving oneself as it is understood in the collective consciousness is misguided. The world sees self-love as “selfishness” and it is not...at all. Self-love is not about self-centeredness, narcissism, self-absorption or self-importance. What is loving yourself really all about then?

Loving yourself is not living in grandiosity; it is living your grandeur. Loving yourself is accepting your high level of self-worth that accepts and allows that you were born a free, abundant, capable, happy and sin-less being who is here to experience a physical world deigned by you to encounter your Self. There is no original sin. That’s a fake. You are not born broken. You are born whole and as a human being, beautifully flawed. Being a flawed human being does not mean bad. It does not mean self-loathing that 99% of humans experience now because of repressive religious dogma combined with fake social climbing and the fake models of beauty.

Self-love is saying to yourself that you love yourself just the way you are. It’s unconditional. Sure, we humans are always growing and facing our demons, our shadow side but that does not mean living in self-hate or self-loathing or low self-worth, low self-esteem.

Self-love is about parenting the ego so that you don’t judge yourself, have to approve of yourself through others, alway exert obsessive control over yourself, compare yourself to others, compete with others, always feel the need to be better than, always have a hidden agenda. Self-love says to yourself that you are about excellence, not perfection, in all you are, do, achieve and have. Self-love is about being the best that you can be and being happy with being the best as you see yourself without self-delusions.

This way of being, of having self-love is the polar opposite of selfishness. It is a form of altruism because when you send out the happiness of loving yourself for who you are, you are touching every being in the Cosmos because we are all connected through the great Cosmic Web.


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