Loving Detachment Is Not An Oxymoron

I have practiced and therefore experienced loving-detachment. Many that I explain this practice to say it’s oxymoronic. How can you love another and be detached at the same time?

The answer is simple: loving-detachment is NOT about removing yourself from being loving of another, as in not caring about them in some cold way or withdrawing your love. It is the practice of staying in an unconditionally loving state of being within yourself as a means of setting up a boundary that keeps at a distance those that are conditionally loving with you and make you feel bad.

This state of loving-detachment allows you to stay in a loving state no matter the circumstance and allows you to NOT take others’ conditional loving personally. In the loving-detachment state you no longer ask why someone doesn’t love you. You simply show them love whether it’s from near or afar but you don’t get hung up on where they’re at with love and loving you. Sure, we all want and crave reciprocal love, being loved for who we are and I have had reciprocal love most of my life and where I have evolved to in consciousness is a place where my happiness does not depend on whether you love me or not. I love myself as in, I am in the Force of Love all the time and there are NO conditions you must meet in order for me to love you. My love is already there and I don’t allow conditionally loving people to bring me down in that I need to provide something to them in order for them to love me. I don’t obsess over conditionally loving people, I am stay in loving-detachment with them.

Is loving-detachment easy to do? Not by a long shot because you have to allow the other person to be who they are, to become aware of the true nature of unconditional love while their conditional love may hurt you and that’s why you “detach” which is code for allowing them to have their low consciousness moment no matter how ugly it is while you remain in a state of pure love. It takes practice and is the best boundary creating device for remaining in a balanced, peaceful, happy state of being. A state I enjoy being in. You?


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