Those that feel privileged and entitled are running rampant on planet Earth these days from my experiences in seeing and on occasion, meeting them. For example, my son and I were at Phillipe’s in downtown LA, famous for their French dip roast beef sandwiches. Their set up is that you stand in line, order at the counter and pay at the counter. Sometimes these lines are very long and sometimes not. This was a time when the wait was short.

While I was in the middle of ordering, a lady walks up to my side at the counter and starts saying something but I could not hear what she was saying even though she was right next to me. I was not angry or annoyed at all by her intrusion. My son, though, heard her and he looked at her and told her we are ordering and to wait her turn. Apparently, she was upset that the line wasn’t moving quick enough and that there weren’t enough people behind the counter helping customers and she didn’t care that we had waited to be served without complaining. The lady serving us didn’t know what to say but kept her cool. As the lady left in a huff, she voiced an expletive at my son.

This is indicative of a person who lacks civility and feels entitled to barge in on another’s turn at ordering in a local, public restaurant. What is interesting to me is that even though she interrupted me, I did not see or hear her. The reason I didn’t see her or hear her is because I live in loving-detachment and I am not vibrating on her level of incivility and entitlement. I am not there and it was like she was out of my range of perception. She was not vibrating where I was vibrating so I didn’t pick up on her as evidenced by my not saying anything to her or caring to rebuke her or feeling upset.   Even when she stormed out and said her negative remark to my son, I did not get upset.

This is to suggest that no one is better than anyone else and a little civility goes a long way. No one is entitled to anything. We all are in the act of becoming...more. In this act of becoming more as humans and as souls, let us understand that we are all in this game of life TOGETHER. My being is connected to yours and how I treat you is how I treat me. I say, “Parent your ego” that you may not suffer at the hands of your own incivility and entitlement. You can and will make this a more enjoyable world to live in.


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