I’m Seeing More Of My Blue Ray Self

I am seeing, with my physical eyes, more of the Blue Ray Light that surrounds me. What is the significance of this and why should you care?

It signifies that what is real and true about who and what I am, I am no longer keeping hidden from myself. This means that we as a human species have finally arrived at accepting and allowing who we really are: Light Beings with Creator Consciousness that are masters of the physical Universe. While the color of my conscious energy is Blue and thus, the Blue Ray Being; all humans are color and sound and are vibrating at different colors and sounds depending on the level of their consciousness.

The Blue of my consciousness signifies Spirit that is expressing healing, Love and wisdom. I embody Spirit on the physical plane as a human and my consciousness is functioning at a level beyond human consciousness. While all humans have a soul, most are not fully conscious of functioning from it yet. I function completely from soul, from Spirit and the fact that I am telling you that, as a human, that I know who I am spiritually is a great encouragement to you to understand that the time has arrived for you to see who you are. The veil is gone. There is no longer ANY reason to not accept that you, human being, are Spirit having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE as you would have a dream experience or daydream experience.

If I can see beyond the physical to who and what I am, you can see who you are. There is no reason that you cannot see your colors or hear your sounds. The only reason that you don’t is that you are telling yourself you are not ready to or are not there yet. Resolve to ready yourself to see who and what you really are. The time has arrived. I am here to attest to this reality.


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