I Talk To My Body

I talk to my body with human words and thoughts both internally and externally and it listens. My body responds to my commands. Why and how is that? 

The way my body hears me is through my cells and the intelligence of my innate. I am not talking about my brain or mind alone; I am talking about the innate intelligence of my body with which I can communicate with words and thoughts and it will do those things I ask it. For example, I tell it that I don’t want a particular disease and I don’t get that disease. You say, “impossible”? Actually it is happening all over the world as we speak as people with cancer who have the will to live and fight their cancer consciously are going into remission. The body listens to and responds to our commands.

The reason this does not happen for many is because they haven’t cognized it yet; they refuse to believe that they are a cellular being whose cells can hear their intent and change the direction of physical issues. I call what they are infected with “separation consciousness” where they believe they, that is, their persona/psyche/ego is separate from their emotions, feelings, thoughts and biology. A human is a complex of all of the above and they intermingle as one single entity that works together. Sure, we have an autonomic nervous system that regulates our system, like breathing while we’re asleep, without us thinking about it but we can add our will to the mix overriding our autonomic system AND our hereditary so that we don’t necessarily have to “get” a disease handed down from our ancestors. 

I encourage you to talk to your body and listen to what it tells you. Your body does listen to you and it does talk back. Most notably, it talks to you in the language of aches, pains and disease. Listen to these messages from your body and you can extend your life.


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