I Live Like A Zen Garden

I live like a Zen Garden. What does that mean? It means that no matter the chaotic nodes around me, I am not ruffled at my core, my center remains calm, happy, focused, balanced and quiet. It is only I and I alone that can disturb my inner quietude if I allow myself to do so. Why is living like a Zen Garden important?

When you are constantly disturbed by your environment, that is, at the mercy of the storms that appear around you, it causes you to be imbalanced and being imbalanced causes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual angst, suffering and eventual sickness. There is no doubt that life will bring ups and downs to your doorstep but it doesn’t have to be to your detriment when you look at both the ups AND downs from the perspective of being a Zen Garden.

To me, it’s just common sense that when you approach people, situations and occurances with calm, quiet, peace, happiness and the inner fragrance of a well-cared-for Zen Garden; you will send out this calmness, this fragrance into chaotic situations and your calmness will ripple through the dissonant vibrations, smoothing them out.

This inner state of being a Zen Garden takes practice, lots of practice and you never arrive at a perfect state. You strengthen your inner Zen Garden through your experiences of the ups and downs of life and success is about being able to come from that place no matter how chaotic the situation.

Living like a Zen Garden is a level of mastery that is worthy of your attention because it prevents needless suffering.


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