I Consciously Shined My Light

Last night, before I turned the light on in my bedroom, I gave myself permission to consciously shine my inner Light in the dark to see what happens. What happened was that a corner of my bedroom lit up with a bluish-white Light. My body tingled and I had moved into conscious awareness that I can willingly shine my inner Light any time I decide to. After that, I thanked my Light and knew I was forever changed. Why is that?

The reason I am forever changed after focusing on my inner Light to appear in my bedroom is that I can no longer say to my self that it isn’t true. I saw it with my physical eyes. The room lit up. There’s no going back as in, I can’t unsee what I saw and I was not on drugs of any kind, was not hallucinating and was not drunk. This means that I have the ability to make my Light shine at will and this immediately made me realize that if I have the power to mindfully shine my inner Light, what else do I have the “power” to do?

My answer to myself is that I have the power to do anything. Please understand the quantum leap in my awareness accepting this proposition: I have leapt into the realm of all and infinite possibilities where anything and everything is possible. I CAN NO LONGER SAY OR BELIEVE THAT I CAN’T INTEND THINGS INTO PHYSICAL REALITY. Do you get the gist of what I’m saying? I no longer have to prove to myself who and what I am. If I can manifest physical Light coming through my body which I can physically see, then I am capable of manifesting my intent. I am no longer fence-sitting, believing that all my spiritual experiences are mumbo jumbo! I make reality in the physical happen. Period.

I now begin the process of talking to my Light. Why do I do this? I do this because now I know it’s me and I engage it’s consciousness that I may use it’s/my power for the better of myself and all those around me.

This gives you permission to shine YOUR Light! Go shine it.


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