I Can See Disembodied Beings

Since 1974, when I saw my first disembodied being up close and personal, I have had many encounters with seeing all kinds of beings, in all kinds of shapes and colors with my physical eyes not my third or spiritual eyes. Please understand that I was never on psychotropic drugs, was schizophrenic, bi-polar or hallucinating when I saw these beings. I have no clinical psychosis. I am a seer and I see beyond physical reality. What has this done to and for me?

Seeing so-called spiritual beings and I use spiritual to mean they are Spirit and not in a body per se, has allowed me to understand and appreciate the reality of existence as a much deeper and more expansive reality than the physical one that we are all mesmerized by and believe is the ONLY level of reality there is. In seeing that there is more to our existence, I have changed many of my petty belief systems that say, “Well, this is it. There’s nothing more.” It has allowed me to see that much of what humans believe through religion, etc. is patently misguided and false and the real nature of reality is diametrically opposed to the main beliefs of society that holds that there are no spirits. Our society is locked into their dream that their physicality is real when it’s not and they refuse to open their minds to what’s really there which is much, much more, infinitely more.

I found out that existence is composed of many layers of realities, dimensions, consciousnesses, Realms, energy matrices, etc. The physical one we experience is a tiny fraction of reality while 99% of the reality of existence is ignored by human awareness. I don’t ignore that 99%. I am inside of that 99% and what I see can be construed by the uninitiated as weird but it’s not really weird, it’s just different from us.

For example, I have connected to the Angelic Realm. These beings are of a certain energy level and they are the most wise and supportive beings around. They can be seen in many guises, many shapes. I have seen them and they constantly remind me they are around me by making appearances often. They have guided me for many years and I have listened to their advice which has helped me tremendously. These beings are smarter than any doctor, professor, shaman, psychiatrist, guru or therapist I know.

If you have not already done so, resolve to meet these disembodied beings. They will revolutionize your life in many, many ways for the better. Do not fear seeing these beings. They are not hear to scare you and they are not scary. They are benevolent. Do not perceive them as the portrayal of ghouls and ghosts in Hollywood movies or as the demons or evil beings that religion shows them as. I am here to tell you that I have experienced them and I am fine and I have a a much deeper life experience because of it.


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