How Is It I No Longer Live In The Grips Of Fear?

How is it that I have conquered the fear of my ego? How is it that I have come to a place where I no longer live in the grips of fear, especially fear of death? Would you like to know how I did this?

What I did to arrive at the place of no fear is to know that who I really am is NOT this particular body. I realized that I am ALL the thousands upon thousands of bodies I’ve been on Earth and the real me is the soul continuum that lives forever. My soul does NOT die. It is the Creator of my bodies as my soul is created by Spirit. I always retain who I am and I still retain a body, albeit a Light Body but a body nonetheless.

This way of knowing, of living who I really am, knowing I’m forever and infinite, provides me with a more coherent perspective of physical life in accepting that each physical life is fleeting and I therefore behave accordingly. What does that mean? It means that I make the most out of my life and I allow death to be an ally, an advisor. Death is not scary as in the grim reaper. Death is a friend that has taught me to respect life, to engage with life, to love life and make the most of it.

In no longer fearing life, I am no longer afraid to be myself, speak my truth, do what I want without harm to myself or others, think my own thoughts and be with who I choose to be with. I no longer compromise and I tell it like it is. I know that there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can’t die if your soul is not ready to move on from its Earthly incarnation.

Here’s the truth: when my Earthly eyes close for the last time, my spiritual eyes will be open for I have made it my business to open them while I was in body. I was never really a part of “the blind leading the blind.”

It is my encouragement that you look at who you are and resolve to eliminate your fears for good by realizing and knowing life everlasting is real.


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