Your Reality Is The Level Of Your Consciousness

Your reality, how you live, think, believe, experience and feel is solely based on the level of your consciousness. What does that mean? It means that your consciousness level, your awareness level is the lens through which you experience your reality. What is the significance of this?

The significance of this is that your reality is “bendable” by the level of consciousness in which you choose to place yourself. You are responsible for your consciousness level! For example, if your consciousness level around money is that you have the idea to hold it tight because it’s scarce, you’re living in a consciousness of lack which is fear. You are vibrating fear and that fear keeps you in lack meaning your life experience will be one of lack of enough money, scarcity of money, pinching pennies, being cheap, feeling like you are stuck in a place of endless “without.” This state of “lack” is something you do to yourself and is something you can change by raising your consciousness because your conscious energy has the power to transform your life and your reality is determined by the level of your consciousness.

How do you change your consciousness level? The very first impulse you must have is to see through the lie that you are NOT in control of your lack consciousness. You ARE in control and you can change your circumstances by changing how you see it, how you think about it, how you accept it. You raise your consciousness level by changing your perception of lack to a perception of prosperity and abundance. The first action is to get disgusted with your situation of lack and then take action by NOT pinching pennies. Put money in your wallet or pocket and keep it there and constantly look at it and allow yourself to feel good. You don’t have to spend it, just feel good about it. Tell yourself that all is well and that everything is working out and you have money for everything, always. This is changing your vibration from lack to abundance. This is changing your consciousness from being cheap which is code for scarcity and fear to one of confidence. Be confident that you create your abundance and it will manifest in your reality.

The lack mentality, the lack consciousness says there’s not enough to go around when the truth is that Creation is an unlimited paradigm filled with infinite abundance. There is more than enough to go around. You say the pie is only so big? I say grow your pie and I say, there is no pie. Defining your abundance by saying there is a pie and only so much available is a consciousness to be avoided when you want to live like the abundant being you are.


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