Your Light Quotient

Every human is made up of Light and sound just like every other reality in Creation is from trees to animals to planets and stars. The human is not creating the Light; the Light is creating the human. The human is inside this Light. Where do I get this? From science and from being in my own Light body and actually seeing my own Light with my physical eyes. I have discovered that I have the ability to increase the power of my own Light by raising my Light quotient. What does that mean?

My Light quotient is how much Light I carry in my being. Humans who are highly aware, have high consciousness and are very enlightened, carry high Light quotients in the 90 per centile. I have witnessed this Light in myself and others. All humans have the capacity to increase their Light quotient. How is this done and why is it necessary?

Humans can increase their Light quotient by:

1. Eating “live” foods and not processed foods. No fast foods.

2. Meditating every day.

3. Going out into the sun and nature every day.

4. Showing self-love, tolerance, charity and compassion for self and others all the time.

5. Releasing negative belief systems.

6. Drinking spring water and not drinking too much coffee or diet sodas or any sodas.

7. Getting off sugar.

8. Controlling your thoughts that they may be positive.

9. Stop consuming negative media in any form.

10. Read and repeat positive affirmations every day.

The importance of raising your Light quotient is that a human with a high Light quotient is resistent to disease. That’s right! You will not get diseases attaching to you physical, mental and emotional bodies when your Light quotient is high.

We are all Light. This is where science and Spirit meet. May I suggest that you resolve to increase your Light quotient if you want your quality of life to improve. I live in my Light body now with a very high Light quotient. I enjoy good health in every way. So can you.


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