You Either Come From Your Soul Or Not

In relating to and encountering this world we experience, you are either coming from the perspective of your soul or you are not. When you come from the perspective of your soul, I have found from experience, that your lens is more “soulful.” What does it mean to be more “soulful”?

Please understand that every human is a soul that has projected a body and the laws of that body hold sway over part of the operation, the functioning of that soul in an actionable manner even though the soul is the driver of the bus, that is, the soul calls the shots in reaching its destiny. That being said, we, as humans, have ego which has free will and this free will can override our soul to a degree and at the same time, our ego has to be astute enough so that it can hear the whisperings of the soul. To hear the whisperings of the soul and act on those whisperings is part of what being soulful is all about. How can you tell your soul is talking to you and that it is indeed your soul?

From my experiences with my soul, my soul is not human and will not speak to me like a human. It does not have a mind, it does not speak an Earth language, like English. It speaks in the form of psychic visions, hunches, sychronicities, intuitions and other nonhuman means of communication. To be soulful means acting on your soul’s intentions and in order to act on your soul’s intentions, you have to be able to hear your soul and then listen to your soul. This is tricky business as most humans have no idea of their soul and how or when it speaks to them. So, how can you hear your soul?

This very first step in being able to hear your soul speak to you is to quiet your mind. I am not talking about getting rid of the ego or stopping your thoughts. It is just a matter of training your mind to think when you need it to and to quiet it when you need it to. First of all, you as a human, are not your mind. You have a use of mind. You are your soul and your soul is with you no matter what you think.
To train yourself to quiet your mind of all the “chatter” you can start with contemplation, meditation, focusing exercises, chanting or anything that will cause you to concentrate on a single thing. Over time, this will help you quiet your mind. Once you quiet your mind, your soul will automatically start to contact you with feelings, visions, visualizations, hunches, sychronicities, etc. Look for these. They will always be in a constructive voice and never ask you to harm yourself or others. Your soul will cause you to be soulful, that is, to put forth your soul’s agenda which is to expand its awareness to ultimately fulfill its destiny.

If you refuse or ignore the promptings of your soul, you will exist, live solely from your persona/psyche/ego which is the voice of judgement, approval, control, competition, comparison and fear. If this is how you want to live instead of with unconditional Love and contentment, so be it. Just know that there is so much more and a deeper reality that originates from being soulful.

Please understand that I tell you this from my own experience of connecting with my soul and the soul of others over many years. It is real and it is a much more satisfying way of living than living
your ego that says you are better than others, need more than others and are always seeking distractions.


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