You Can Manage Your Vibrational Level

From my experience, everything that I am is an energy that is conscious of itself and can tune itself because it is a frequency vibration. Everything that I am communicates my frequency level. I am the the things I choose to do. What I think, believe, say, consume in food and news, the music and entertainment I listen to, who and what  I surround myself with, evinces my frequency level and also raises it or decreases it. Why does this matter?

This ability we humans have to change our vibrational level, our consciousness level for better or worse matters because it means that we have control over who we are. We are not fixed beings, we are fluid beings. It means that through our actions we can manage our vibrational level. The implications of this are enormous but it means accepting responsibility for who and what you are. For example, if you believe you are downtrodden, think downtrodden thoughts, drink alcohol, do heavy drugs, listen to low vibrational music and entertainment, speak harshly and live slovenly, that vibrational level creates consequences and attracts people, situations and occurances that are a vibrational match with your actions and lifestyle. Yet, this you have control over. You can change all of this, manage all of this to resonate at a higher level of vibration to bring into your life a higher reality, that is, better people, situations and occurances.

Stop blaming others for where you are at in life. The reason you are who you are is because of you.

To change your vibrational level:

1. Change what you eat to more live foods.

2. Consume news, music and entertainment that is more positive.

3. Don’t use hard drugs at all.

4. Don’t consume alcohol at all.

5. Change your negative thinking.

6. Review your belief systems and release those that no longer serve you.

7. Forgive yourself and others.

8. Meditate.

9. Do deep breathing exercises.

You and only you can manage your vibrational level and the good news is that it can be worked with and raised. Determine to evolve your consciousness to a higher plane not to devolve to a lower vibrational being who suffers and is negative.


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