Whoever And Whatever You Are, You Chose It

Whatever and whoever you are, you chose it along with the consequences of those choices. Things don’t happen to you, I have found. You attract what you are. You “call” into your reality to you like a magnet. What you are are your most dominant thoughts whose frequencies act like magnets attracting their like component in the natural energies that are in abundance around you. Yes, these energies are both positive and negative and your positive or negive frequency level based on your thoughts conjoin with their matching energetic frequencies. When your belief systems are of a low frequency, they will manifest low frequency happenings in your life.

A simplistic example is if you say to yourself, “Nobody likes me,” and then guess what? Nobody will like you and YOU are the one who chose to say this to yourself.

I believe, because of my life experiences, that a clue to having a better life, to having the life we truly want, is in taking responsibility for our thoughts.  You own your thoughts, nobody else does. Resolve to own your thoughts and change them according to how your life plays out. Trust me when I say that more positive thoughts gets you more positive life experiences. If you want better for yourself, you have to change and what you have to change is you! You chose to be who you are.


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