Where Is The Place Of Pity?

Before we discuss WHERE the place of Pity is; we have to talk about WHAT it is and WHY humans GO to the place of Pity in the first place.

What is the place of Pity? The place of Pity is a metaphor for feeling sorry for yourself and the major issue with confronting this aspect of ourselves as human beings is that self-pity is the ultimate unacceptance, the AVOIDANCE of the consequences of our actions. The immature human learns about the consequences of its action THROUGH self-Pity but once we learn that self-Pity does not address or change the choices we make but keeps us locked in a state of feeling sorry for ourselves; we must look deeper into realizing how we can better deal with the consequences of our actions in order to make BETTER choices as well as ACCEPTING the consequences of our choices whether good or bad.

Humans have a tendency to cry in their soup until they learn that they have control over their choices and the better behavior is to make informed choices, to make considered choices, to be discerning in your choices and to have more control over the ego. The place of Pity is the place of the ego that likes to thrash around like a bull in a china shop without any thought or care about the ramifications of its actions. The ego just wants its satisfaction. It doesn’t care about consequences but when bad consequences arrive, it uses the defense mechanism of self-Pity where it wallows in a state of “poor me.” It is one of the ultimate control dramas that seeks to slough off its responsibility for its actions. It wants you to feel sorry for it that you will not chide it for its reprehensible behavior.

I do not judge those who indulge in self-pity. I say to use it as a means of instructing you to learn how to control your choices and then accept the consequences of your choices with grace, whatever they are. All choices don’t always work out for the best best let’s not allow that to stop us from making good choices using our discernment.


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