When You Carry A High Light Quotient, Disease Can’t Attach To You

From my experience being a “Light Being;” when you are in body and have a high Light quotient, that is, you are vibrating in a high consciousness; disease cannot attach to you. Of course, being in a physical body opens you up to the Cosmic Laws that operate on you with impunity but there will not be any real disease because high vibrations refute dis-ease. What, wait now, you mean disease is a form of dis-ease? Yes, disease is a thought and has a vibratory level just like thoughts do. Humanity vibrates at such a low level of reality where diseases also vibrate and these thought forms can “attach” to you like anything else can. How can we all be more resistent to diseases, then?

We can be more resistent to diseases by increasing the Light quotient of our minds, bodies, souls and Spirits. We do this in our bodies by thinking higher thoughts, keeping our bodies clean, eating live foods, living in clean environments, having positive emotions and feelings and being ourselves and not what society brainwashes us to be, doing what we love, being with good people who support us and who we support, being loving, working on spiritual practices every day, being compassionate and kind.

Please remember that when we are in body, we are open to imperfections but we can mitigate the forces that act on us by being aware of the Cosmic Laws that operate on us and learn how to make these laws work for us not against us. One of the major ways to make Cosmic Laws work for us is to maintain a high Light quotient where there is no darkness in us. After all, diseases are a form of darkness.

Remember that when they go dark, you go Light!


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