The Name You Give To Something Is Not It

The map is not the territory. A map is a description, not the experience. Whatever you name it, that’s not it. So, how do you know when it is it? You know when something is it by your experince of it not what you call it.

For example, many say with words that the one they call “Jesus” is coming back in what they call “the second coming.” They wait expectantly, desperately looking around to validate this claim through any happening on the planet that will show they are “right.” They say Trump was chosen by Jesus, they say that Israel is where the armagedden will occur and on and on. Words. They experience nothing. They wait. They kill, they murder, they are hypocrites. Words from an old book called the Bible they point to to prove their words. That’s not the territory, that’s just the map. The map is your spiritual experience, how you actually feel on the mystical path of being with Spirit not words you use and then say you are with Spirit. When you are with Spirit, you don’t use words, you don’t preach, you don’t proselytize, you don’t say you are right and the other religion is wrong, you don’t kill for your religion. When you do these negative things for your religion, you are lost in the map. You have confused the map with the territory. You have tried to approximate Spirit through the words in a sacred text. Spirit is not in a book or a church. Spirit is in you. You are Spirit. Yes, you, human being.

Connecting with Spirit, God, The All That Is, is a mystical experience and it’s not about prayers, chanting, or any rituals. It is about what you feel inside and that cannot be named, just like God cannot be named. God is just a word and is not the experience. When you experience God, you have no need for words. The territory of God, of Spirit is nameless.

Don’t let your naming of a thing fool you into believing that it is the thing. The real thing is no thing. It is a feeling. If you are devoid of the feeling, that should tell you something.


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