The Main Concern For Empaths

From my experience of being an empath, the main concern we have is setting boundaries for ourselves so that we know which are our own thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others because when we don’t make that distinction we get confused, we own other’s feelings and we suffer as a result, especially if those feelings are negative which they often are. Part of this setting up of boundaries is learning not to care so much or want to help so much when we have not been asked to help another. This does not mean being cold to another or not having compassion for another. It means having loving-detachment. It means being able to step outside another’s problems. Why is this setting up of boundaries for the empath a critical step to greater well-being?

As empaths, we feel everything and we feel deeply. This, in my experience, can lead to depression, anxiety and overall suffering. I would rather live in joy, happiness and balance and not be thrown off by other’s woundedness and this motivates me to set up boundaries where I do not take on or allow into my aura, other people’s emotional baggage or negativity. How do we set these all-important boundaries?

In my experience, the setting up of empathic boundaries takes work and dedication because it is an area that is not taught, talked about or accepted. Here are the modes I have used to successfully set up boundaries that I may live in peace:

1. Read about what empathy is and how to set boundaries. I have found Karla McLaren’s books to be a great starting point for self-help.

2. Find a mature empathic guide, therapist or counselor.

3. Know yourself, your thoughts and feelings really well and I mean really know how YOU think, how you feel. This will help you when you pick up on foreign thoughts and feelings. This is difficult as we are all brainwashed by the media and religion.

4. Learn and accept that you cannot help someone else unless they ask for your help and really mean it and want a change.

5. Find others who are consciously awake and not living unconsciously. Those who are consciously awake are usually unplugged from the Matrix.

6. Work on clearing your subconscious mind.

7. Work on cleaning your connecting link with intent.

8. Learn to love your empathic nature. Learn to accept yourself for who and what you are and fully be that.

9. Use your empathic powers for your own and the greater good. Use your ability to feel deeply as a great tool that requires you to take right action.

Empathy is a great ability, a great power, not a weakness. Use it as a strength and use it wisely and that means setting up boundaries that help protect these powers from being overrun by the karmic overload now on our planet. Don’t listen to others when they tell you that Feeling is for the weak or that you’re weak if you cry. Feeling is the power of the soul. The most powerful being there is for it is from Spirit.


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