The 3D Matrix Is Not An Illusion; It is Smoke

After being in and studying a number of spiritual belief systems, I have found that many of them pronounce the 3D Matrix we live in, our body, mind and feelings as “illusions.” I understand why this has been postulated as the belief is that Spirit and Soul are what is “real” and everything else is an “illusion.” I have come to see that this is not accurate. Why do I say that?

I have come to see that our physical reality in this 3D Matrix is as real as anything else because we perceive it to be so and because of this perception that we have of physicality being “real” to us, I feel it is more accurate that our 3D Matrix is “illusive,” not an illusion. Our 3D reality is a construct of consciousness and therefore it is just like smoke. We can see, feel, touch and taste smoke and perceive it as real but the smoke dissipates. Just like smoke, our physical reality dissipates over time, it disappears and what is left is the permanence of our Spirit, our souls. Smoke is “illusive” but it is still “real.” It must be real for me to believe it and believe it, I must. What does this mean?

It means that I must believe that my body is “real” in order to experience this program called the 3D Matrix and navigate it successfully. I can know at the same time that it is “illusive” where I don’t over-identify with my body as the ONLY “real” part of my being. I know I am ALSO Spirit, Soul and that is not smoke, that is NOT “illusive”, that is the only true reality, that is permanent.

Enjoy the 3D Matrix but don’t forget it’s just blowing smoke.


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