Spirit Guides

I heard a speaker last night at my theatre company’s “Outburst” fundraiser talk about the Spirit of his ancestors speaking to him and his resultant healing from listening to their promptings. His ancestry is partly Native American but this Spirit came in the form of an Orca whale that he saw as being from Polynesia. As a result of his being told by this Orca spirit to go into the water, he went swimming in the ocean and found eventual healing for a shattered leg. He now wears a Polynesian themed sleeve tattoo on his arm and he showed it off to the audience.

I immediately related to his story of listening to Spirit guides and I realized the great amount of Spirits that have and are guiding me. As I recounted all the Spirit guides that have come into my life and are still helping me; I realized that I have been greatly assisted by so many.

To give you an example of the many guides that have helped my life, here is a list of the Spirit guides that have been with me and are still with me:



Animal Spirits, mostly in the form of wolves, hawks, eagles and horses.


My deceased wife, Maureen.



J’whal Kul

Sanat Kumara

The Hathors

The Ra Group

Lord Sananda, known on Earth as Jesus of Nazareth

Saint Germain

Paramahansa Yogananda

The Pleidians

The Arcturians

My own Blue Ray Being

Over the years, these Spirit guides have come to me in the form of visions, dreams, feathers, cards,
books, people, seeing my own Aura, hawks and eagles flying over me and more. I realized that I am truly spiritual which means to me that I connect with Spirit and Spirit is always here guiding me and I

I believe that Spirit guides everyone and if you are willing and allowing of the presence of Spirit in your life without fear, it will be there for you.


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