Relegating God To Initials

The human race has officially come to the point where they have trivialized God using initials to express its name: in Oh MY God. It’s the ultimate sanitizing of what Spirit really is and it’s not OMG. So, what is Spirit and why do we sanitize it when we say OMG?

That’s a big question-what is Spirit? Being intimately associated with Spirit, I have experienced Spirit as the energy of presence in myself and in all there is. I connect with Spirit within and therefore, connect with Spirit in everything. We cannot see presence with our physical eyes but we can apprehend it with our non-physical eyes which is our third eye, our intuition which are sensing and feeling experiences. This refusal of our physical senses to see Spirit, to see presence is at the crux of why we ignore, refute and trivialize Spirit and its presence in all there is. Our society has made it clear that it wants to believe what it SEES, no questions asked. If it cannot be seen, then, forget about it. There is no desire to experience the unseen becuase to most people, it’s not there. The trivializing of Spirit, God by saying OMG is reflective of the belief system that says “seeing is believing.” OMG is the ultimate bastardizing of God, of Spirit and most people are OK with this becuase they have no real concept of Spirit, of God. They are brainwashed to believe the fairytale of God as a very old man, with a long white beard and white robes living in Heaven.They have made God a human which it is not by a long stretch. It’s the ultimate in separation consciousness that paints Spirit, God as a human and then says OMG like they are eating God like a pastrami sandwich.

Trust me when I say that I am not mad that people say OMG. I say “Oh My God” on occasion as well. It’s been brainwashed into all of us and is an acceptable expression in our society. What I’m saying here is that the very act of saying OMG separates us from the reality of Spirit, of God. God is not OMG. It’s like saying that our concept of Santa Claus is just like the person who Santa Claus is based on. What we have made Santa Claus has no relationship whatsoever to the real person that Santa Claus is based on and it’s the same with God. We have made Spirit, God OMG and this has cut us off, as humans, from the real experience of Spirit. Humans, being afraid of God, have cheapened the nature of God, have made God a pop-culture expression that relegates God to an also ran.

I am putting this out there because of my intimate experience with Spirit, with God and it is unfortunate that most people live without a real and deep connection to Spirit and instead go around voicing OMG. OMG is a sign that people are willing to live without a conscious spiritual connection. A most unfortunate state of affairs and one that leaves humanity in the lurch, that is, humanity has abandoned Spirit, God, believing itself to be in a difficult position without help. The help that humanity seeks is within itself.


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