Life Is A Mirror And What You See In Others Is You

Whatever you perceive in OTHERS tells you about YOU because life is a mirror of what you are projecting back to you. What you experience in another is you. For example, if you’re attracting bad people in your life, that says a lot about you. It’s not about them for they are just your mirror reflecting back to you the issues you need to work on and overcome. This type of life perspective takes the blame for your life squarely off of others and on to yourself. Why is this important?

To understand life as a mirror is important because it teaches you how to take responsibility for your actions and for who you are. YOU are the only cause of your reality, not another. What this is saying is that you are a creator and you manifest your reality as the person you are. If you are hateful; you attract a reality, that is, people, situations and occurances that reflect back your hate to you. Most people, I perceive, are unconscious, they are not aware of this mechanism in their reality and are simply perplexed when the same unwanted people, situations and occurances realize in their life. I have seen this in my experiences with myself and others.

May I encourage a process in yourself, in your life where you see your reality as a mirror and those people, situations and occurances that you don’t like, are painful, cause you suffering and hurt are thought of as those thoughts, beliefs and behaviors which you must still work on in yourself in order to clear them and reap the benefits of changing to a better vibration in which you attract people, situations and occurances that bring you only joy, happiness, tolerance, Love, compassion and empathy. This is saying that until you believe you are worthy of joy, of happiness and compassion, you won’t receive it.

Remember, a clear mirror does not lie, it just reflects.


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