I Lived With A Being Of The Devic Kingdom

From my experience with “taking on” a human format, there are many beings who are not human in origin that dress themselves up in human garb to be amongst us humans in order to assist us in some way. I experienced such a being in the human form of my wife who’s essential origin was of what is known as the Devic Kingdom. These beings are the elementals of nature found on every planet in the Universe, that is, the Devic Kingdom is not just on or from Earth. The Devas can incarnate everywhere and they are the overseers and creators of water, land, air and fire.

In my case, the Devic being I encountered was my wife, Maureen who was what is commonly known as a Pixie or Brownie and in her case, she was the Queen of the Pixies. She even had a picture of herself as a brownie when she was a child. I know it’s hard to believe but I too was not aware of who and what she was until I got to know her over a life time. What are some of the ways I knew she was a Pixie?

She had a natural green thumb where any greenery she planted and touched would magically grow and thrive. Her Sun sign was Virgo and she evinced all of the Earthly and earthy characteristics of a Virgo from being a natural and very good cook to knowing how to ensoul realities where she could create the spirit of things with people and they would be animated by this spirit. She loved the elemental spirits of Disneyland like Peter Pan and Tinker bell. She always posted pictures, on her Facebook page, of fairies and sprites. She voiced in her writings that she thought of herself as a Pixie. She was also mischievous and liked to play pranks on people. She played many of them on me and I believed everyone of them. My wife, Maureen, was a diminutive figure at 4’ 11” and when she walked she fluttered about as if she was of winged feet like the messenger Mercury. She also attracted other elementals into our surroundings and house. I cannot tell you how many times I saw real fairies, hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies all about the inside and outside of our house.

All I know from my experience with and of her is that she could sprinkle pixie dust on me and on things and they would magically become more abundant, more resplendent, more successful, happier and filled with an excited and loving spirit. The Devic Kingdom is real.

I was lucky and most fortunate to have had this experience because it was the most singular Earthly experience.


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