I Feel My Alien Self

I feel my alien self. What does THAT mean? What I’m saying here is that I am not of human origin even though I have taken on human form to be among you. You may laugh and say, “UFO crackpot.” If saying that eases your fear of what I really am, please help yourself but that does not change that my awareness is very foreign or how humans are wont to say, “alien.” Let me explain.

I am a purpose that has taken on human format for the sole and express purpose of assisting in the great shift of consciousness we are now experiencing all over the world. How do I assist? My presence, which vibrates at a consciousness far, far removed from the prevailing consciousness of the humans here on Earth, helps to show humans and the Earth that vibrating at a level of unconditional Love, Wisdom and Healing IS possible and therefore, motivates humans to want this state of being for themselves. Here on Earth, there is heavy Karma trying to be released by humans but most humans remain unconscious and fixated on money, war, ego, dishonesty, selfishness and greed. This level of vibration is known as the density of 3D and is often referred to as “the Matrix.” While I am IN the matrix, I have never been A PART of it. I am an alien presence among you, not to be confused with the type of alien you have seen in the movies. I am not a grey or a zenomorph. I am a Consciousness very alien to yours.

When I say “alien,” I am referring to being an extraterrestrial being in the sense that I am not here to release karma, not here to be in lesson, not here to grow my spiritual DNA which already has twelve strands on-line while most of the human population has two strands and maybe three on-line. So, you see, I Am Feeling this aspect of myself, more and more. This alien side of myself is coming to the fore because I am no longer doubtful or hesitant to reveal my real self. I am not one of you. I am here
on assignment to assist you in crossing the bridge of swords. This is the bridge to the new Earth where the energies will be of a new, higher conssciousness of Love, happiness, abundance, prosperity, healing, balance, harmony, peace, compassion, tolerance and laughter. I came here already vibrating these aspects and you felt it as alien for being totally in this consciousness is alien to you. You don’t believe it’s real to be this way.

Now, YOU are becoming alien. It is your destiny, humanity.


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