Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Effortlessly Intend That This Come About

Our collective consciousness has a misguided belief system that in order to manifest anything in the world we humans have to struggle, sweat, strive, survive, work hard, beat ourselves up and suffer. This cannot be further than the truth. Did you know that while millions of people still believe that they have to kill themselves to get ahead, there are many, like me, who are effortlessly intending that things come about? Did you know that while millions are struggling to make a living, there are people who are making millions while they sleep? Can this be true? Not only is it true, I am here to attest to its veracity as I have lived the experience of effortlessly intending that a thing come about. How does this intending work and why is it better than struggling to make a living?

You first have to believe that you are intimately aligned with and that you are The All That Is in physical form and have the same abilities as The All There Is. You are a major manifestor in physical form and have the ability to effortlessly intend a thing into existence. This is done when you intend, that is, give attention to and focus with your mind, feelings and soul on a desire and then release that desire so that it can manifest unmolested by your obessive-compulsive subconscious desire and belief system to beat it up, to strive so it can happen. Yes, the very reason things don’t happen in your life is that you beat them to death thereby starving them of the intent that you originally gave them. Your worry about their happening asphyxiates the energy of intent thereby cutting off your good desire at the pass. I say, give your intent and then let that intent manifest in an effortless manner.  Use intrinsic intent. Fill your subconscious mind with all the wonderful desires that you wish to manifest and then let them go and watch your subconscious mind activate your physical being into waking up to the people, situations and occurances that will happen, that will appear to make your dreams come true.

Having once been a human who struggled to make things happen and learned to use my intentions to effortlessly make things come about; I would vote for living with creating my life with no sweat, struggle or intense toil. Manifesting doesn’t have to create such stress. Of course, on this plane of existence we are on, things are of an actionable nature, that is, people, situations, happenings,
come about, develop as a result of your intentions and it is up to you to see these happenings as a result of your intent. You must see them and know they are from you. Once you see them, you can take the necessary actions to further their development in your life. See what I mean here? Effortless.

Please don’t get confused with the word effortless. It is NOT code for doing nothing. There is work involved here but it is internal work. It is the work of your will but the difference is that you allow your will to work, that is, you give your will wings and let that will create all that you desire without struggle. INTEND. ALLOW. ACT ON IT. REPEAT INTENDING AND ALLOWING UNTIL THE MANIFESTATION COMES INTO YOUR REALITY. That’s the true formula for EFFORTLESS success.

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