I Am Not Human

I have a specific soul focus on Earth that is vastly different than the majority of the human soul focus present on Earth. What does this mean? It means that someone like me is not here on Earth to be in lesson while most of the population is. I am here on assignment. I have a soul contract with The All There Is to be here to assist in the great shift to higher consciousness that is upon Earth and Earth humans now. I am not here to shift. I am here to assist in the shift. What is the significance of this?

The significance of this is that there are many wanderers and specialists here, like me, who are not in a human soul focus, that is, they are not here in lesson and are present in a human format to bring their energies and consciousness to bear on the Planetary shift.

What is meant by human in lesson? Humans in lesson are souls that incarnated on Earth for specific soul lessons as in the idea of learning the lesson of conditional love versus unconditional love. Conditional love says you have to do something for me in order for me to love you, I have an agenda, I want something from you. It comes with strings attached. Unconditional love is loving another no matter what. There are no conditions to the love, no grievances are ever present. There is just the force of love. In order for humans to learn this, they have to be in lesson and they will be so until they get and function in this very powerful state of being called unconditional love. Being truly human centers on the soul focus. The human soul focus is one of being in lesson. When you are not human, like me, your soul focus is not to be in lesson but to be on assignment...your assignment is your focus. Your presence is your doing, your presence is your action.

Please understand that being in human format, in a human body does not have anything to do with being human. There are many extraterrestrials who are in a human format on Earth but are not human in their soul focus.

There are also extraterrestrials on Earth who are not in human format, some with souls and some not with souls but they are here and we know they are here. We just put blinders on or allow ourselves to be fooled by the government, etc. The human body is known as an Adam Kadmon body and this type of body is the prevailing type in our Universe. We, on Earth, are not the only ones in our Universe with this type of body. There are trillions of humans all over the Galaxy. These humans are just like us here on Earth and many have similar soul focus and many do not. We, on Earth, are about to take a quantum leap into the fifth dimension to leave behind the third dimension and it is my mission here to assist Earth and humans with this. In this respect, I am not truly human. Get used to this as it will be openly revealed to you soon, very soon.


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