How To Tell You Are Egotistical Versus Soulful

We all have egos and we all have souls and we experience these aspects of ourselves every day but some of us are truly not aware of the voice of each of these aspects of our human complex and how they can diminish or enhance our lives. From my experience with my ego and my soul, here are the main differences in what each looks for.


1. Seeks grandiosity in puffing up self-image.

2. Personal history is front and center.

3. Self-importance is the ruler.

4. Seeks to control others.

5. Must approve of others.

6. Seeks to judge others.

7. Makes comparisons in seeking to be better, bigger, smarter, better looking, more famous, more successful, richer than others.

8. Competes to be king of the hill OVER others.

9. Is motivated by fear, especially fear of loss.

10. Greed is a motivating factor.

11. Conditionally loving as in, “what’s in it for me.”


1. The soul seeks to expand its awareness of self so it will evince grandeur.

2. The soul shows compassion.

3. The soul is tolerant.

4. Uncondionally loving. No agenda.

5. The soul accepts others for who and what they are.

6. The soul has no fear since it knows it doesn’t die.

7. The soul is quiet and makes the inevitable happen.

8. The soul is the driver of the human being, not the ego.

9. The soul knows who and what it is and comes into human form with a purpose.

10. The soul does not care about judging others, approving what others do, controlling others,
comparing itself with others or competing with others. It is not in body for these things. It is only here to expand its awareness of itself.

Review these differences between the aspects of your ego and your soul and observe how they show themselves in yours and others’ thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and then you will know from what aspect of yourself yours and others’ behaviors are stemming from. You will see if you are egotistic or soulful and decide which direction you want to go in. Ego tends to diminish while soul enhances.


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