Glamor And Distraction Rule The Planet

It seems to me from what I both observe and perceive of the behaviors of my fellow men, that most of humanity is caught up in glamor and distraction. What does this mean? It means that most of humanity is living on a surface level, not owning how they feel, not owning their path in life and distracting themselves from how they really feel and who they really are. This glamor is seen in how people worship celebrities and the distraction is seen in how people are glued to their cell phones, although these are just a few examples of glamor and distraction. Please understand that there is, in my way of seeing, nothing wrong with a little glamor or distraction on occasion as long as you aren’t totally identifying with those things as you, as long as you can release yourself from them. What is the importance of the need to release yourself  from the spell of glamor and distraction?

The importance of releasing yourself from glamor and distraction, from my perception and experience, is to release yourself from what is illusive and impermanent and to see that it is your soul, your Spirit that is the permanent reality not the glamor and distraction. Glamor and distraction are outer, surface level experiences that take you away from connecting with your soul, your Spirit. It is crucial to connect with your soul, your Spirit because that is who you truly are, not the cell phone, not the celebrity, not the alcohol, not the drugs, not the food, not the money, not the sex, not the fame, not the glory, not the winning. I am not saying that your should avoid enjoying these things but not in the way that you identify with them as who you are. You can be rich and successful and be connected with your soul at the same time. You don’t have to give up your soul, your Spirit to be famous and rich. As a matter of fact, if you are going to rich and famous, it’s more satisfying that your are so and still connected to your soul, your Spirit in a real way.

Again, the importance of this soul connection is that it is who you truly are. You are not your big house, your great job, your wife, husband, children, neighbors, clothing, money, cars, etc. You are a soul, Spirit having a physical experience and it is your soul that continues on, not your body, not your money, not your glamor or your distractions.

May I suggest that you get to know your soul, your Spirit while having a good time with your glamor and distraction and not refuting or ignoring your soul because you are so mesmerized by your riches, your fame, your accoutrement, your physical trappings. I want you to be rich, I just don’t want you to be a soulless ghoul!!!


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