Ego Is Mind Based; Soul Is Spirit Based

The ego is mind based; Soul is Spirit based. What does that mean and why is it important to understand that distinction?

Making the distinction between living an ego-based life or a soul-based life from Spirit means you understand that the mind-based ego is a thought construct and in the reality of who and what humans really are, is an illusive reality that was created by Spirit/soul to navigate the densities of the Earth’s third dimensional level of reality. The soul is not a construct, it is a beingness Of Spirit and it is who humans really are. It is the guiding force of the human whether you know it or not, whether you accept it or not. Your soul is you, your ego is how you imagine you.

Why is this important? From my experience of being my soul, living as Spirit, that is, being who I really am, it is important to recognize the beingness of my soul become it is a true and accurate guide in life for me, I have found. It has lead me to my ultimate happiness in life which has been realizing and fulfilling my soul’s destiny. High and mighty words you say? From the ego’s perspective, it does seem fantastical to live in a truly happy state of being which is having everything you need, having contentment, peace, balance, harmony, laughter, health, prosperity and abundance. On the other hand, living as ego keeps you dissatisfied, always wanting more and always having an agenda as in, “I want to be better than you.” In coming from and living as my soul, I don’t want to be better than. I just want to be better, to be the best version of myself that is not over anyone. I want to expand my soul’s awareness. Coming from ego is always looking for more and more and being your soul is enjoying what you have, enjoying the more you have NOW!

This is not to discount achieving great goals in life including having great success and all the trappings that success brings. I am talking about achieving success and when you have it, enjoying it and not worrying about getting more or someone else’s success and why they might have more than you. Soul-based success is having contentedness about your material success and being happy with your riches, not in the material they bring you but in the example you are to others that being happy in success is possible and it doesn’t have to be stressful or cause suffering. It’s not always about more, more, more. It’s about being happy where you are and not depressed because you are not in some ego-imagined other place. See what I mean?

True happiness is soul-inspired. Suffering is ego-inspired because you’re never satisfied. Know your ego, love your ego, parent your ego, just don’t be your ego because it’s not real. It’s a thought construct that comes and goes. Who you really are is your soul. Your soul creates your ego. Your soul is the real boss.


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