Did I Come Into My Body Awake?

Did I come into my body awake? If I did, why didn’t I know it or remember it? This is an important question, I believe and must first be answered by explaining what coming in “awake” means.

For me, coming in awake is what all souls do when they come into a body, that is, they know, they remember that their true identity is Soul, Spirit and that they have projected a body in order to have a physical body that is actionable in a third dimensional plane of existence. Once in body, however, part of the soul agreement for coming into body is to have soul “amnesia” where the soul remembrance is forgotten. Why is it forgotten? It is forgotten so that it can be remembered by the human being as a means of “waking up” to the reality of its true nature. It’s a game of hide and seek we play with ourselves to eventually know our true selves on a more expanded basis.

So, the answer is that I did come into my body “awake” and I have woken up to discover who I truly am while still in my body. What does this mean? It means that I know my soul, that I am my soul, not my body and I have an intimate relationship with my soul making my life, behavior “soulful.” Being soulful is being “awake.” How does one know one is “soulful”?

When you are “soulful” you no longer adhere to, are no longer in sole identification with or controlled by the promptings of the ego which craves judging, approving, controlling, competing, comparing, fearing and conditional loving. What you adhere to in being “soulful” is your power of compassion, tolerance, unconditional Love, harmony, unity, peace and acceptance. A good example of being “soulful” with people is accepting them for who and what they are with no expectations. You are “awake” enough to know they, like you, are always in the process of becoming and they are exactly who they should be and where they should be because they chose it and would not be who they are if they were meant to be someone else. See what I mean?

I was awake when I came into body, purposely fell asleep for a while by covering myself with a veil but “awoke” to be who I truly am. What I truly am is a soul walking the Earth pretending to be a story, a character that I have fooled everyone into believing. In order to see who I truly am, that is, my soul, you must awaken.


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