Death of Your Body Is Not Your End

Since I’m an enlightened being, I can see beyond the ordinary reality most people are so familiar with. For me, the most important thing I see is that physical death is not the end of existence. In plain English, we don’t die!!! Death is a lie that has been foisted upon humans by less aware humans in an effort to expound on false scientific theories such as the Cartesian and Newtonian models that propose that we humans are machines that are finite creations. Malarchy!!! What is the truer state of our existence?

The truer state of our existence is that we are infinite beings who’s lives DON’t end at so-called physical death. There is no physical death as we know and understand it. What there really is is the coming to a close of our specific story, our current character that we play in an Earthly sandbox only to be released to be ALL of who we are. This all of who we are is our Soul/Spirit that contains all our lives at once just like when we are in body, we contain all our life experiences of that particular lifetime in our memories. When out of body, we can remember ALL our lifetimes, past, present and future. Soul/Spirit memory is the memory of all of our Cosmic experiences, not just our Earthly ones. 

This can be rather difficult for humans to wrap their heads around because we are so conditioned by each lifetime to think, “this is it!” We think we are just a physical body when the truth is we are something else. It is very hard for humans to accept their true state is NONPHYSICAL. When in human format, we are Soul/Spirit having a chosen physical experience for the sake of enlightenment. We like to be enlightened but we pretend we don’t understand it when we are in body. Everybody, that is, every soul projects a physical body to become enlightened to some degree. Some more or less than others according to their soul’s awareness. Some souls are more or less aware than others according to their ability, acceptance and allowance of learning to expand their soul’s awareness. This is where the terminology of young and old souls come from. Old souls have allowed great enlightenment and have very expanded soul awareness. They usually know that there is no death when they are in human format.

Be joyful that your physical death does not signify an end. Life is a continuum of coming and going from soul to physical to soul over and over again in an infinite pattern of life. There is no term “death” in the Soul/Spirit lexicon. Soul/Spirit does not know death. What does it know? It knows that it can project, like a movie projector, a physical format at will. Soul/Spirit has no trouble, no fear in taking on a human life. It is persona/psyche/ego that creates a thing called “fear” in order to feel itself alive.


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