Awakened Is A Continuum

Many people on planet Earth are awakening to a higher awareness, a higher consciousness, a state of enlightenment. From my experience with being enlightened, I want to advise my friends who are just awakening to their soul’s and Spirit’s Presence in themselves as well as other wisdom keepers who are further along in their soul maturity, that awakening is not a destination. There is no awakened state, for enlightenment is a journey, is a continuum of ever expanding awareness of Self and wakefulness...there is no end. Think of it this way: enlightenment is a winding road that is endless and you never get “there.” You can always be more awake. What does this mean?

It means that being awake is not dependent on your ego and we are all at different places within our journey of enlightenment. Having higher or lower consciousness is not a better or worse state of being. You are where you are in your state of wakefulness because that’s who you are and there’s nothing to prove. Each soul’s journey of maturity is their own and we cannot judge where anyone is on the continuum of consciousness because we are all different not greater or lesser. Each being is called to awaken and even though to others it may look like they are not awakened, they are moving in a direction. Sometime it’s evolving, sometimes it’s devolving. In my heart of hearts, I feel most beings choose to evolve.

Here’s an example: humanity has a low state of awareness in its penchant for warlike bellicosity. It refuses to release this warlike karma, thus keeping it in an unawakened state of low consciousness and in some cases, an unconscious state.This is changing as more people are releasing this karma and awakening to a higher state of consciousness where warlike bellicosity no longer exists. See what I mean?

The warlike bellicose state of humanity is part of their journey, their continuum of awakening. It will not last forever. It has an end date and it is fast approaching. While humanity will not relinquish ego, it will move into higher ego and that is a state of ego more willing to hear the call of enlightenment.

So, take heart, do not lose faith in yourself and humanity for all is moving along in the continuum of enlightenment and for those of us in a high state of wakefulness, be patient with your brothers and sisters. Realize that progress is happening but also be practical in knowing that there will be moments of devolution. In these moments of chaos, take the high road.


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