Are Humans Just Puppets On A String?

If the Spiritual Hierarchy is real, that is, if there are unseen spiritual forces that move human affairs in a certain direction, than are we humans just puppets on a spiritual string? From my experience with my own fulfillment of my destiny in this lifetime, the answer is yes and no. Why is it yes and no?

The reason it is BOTH yes and no at the same time is because we humans, in this Universe, in this particular construct of existence, have free will AND we have also CHOSEN a certain destiny when we were souls before we embodied our consciousness. That’s right. Our soul makes decisions about the destiny we will fulfill as humans. We know our destiny but we decide how and when we are going to fulfill it or not. Each lifetime presents us with our destiny and the Spiritual Hierarchy assists us in meeting that destiny but we can override the completion of that destiny, for the time being, with our free will. Our destiny will be fulfilled regardless of our free will, however, so it’s a balance of energies.

We are really not puppets on a spiritual string because WE as souls decide our destiny and the spiritual forces in the form of the Spiritual Hierarchy are there only to assist and assist they do and will.

You may be asking, “What is the Spiritual Hierarchy.” From my experience, the Spiritual Hierarchy consists of all the levels of spiritual beings from Angels, Archangels, Elohim and many others all the way to the Throne of Grace where the Council Of Twelve sit. We humans, as souls, are also part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

I have found the Spiritual Hierarchy to be the most unconditionally loving and also very clear in assisting humankind in the fulfilling of its destiny. Humanity’s destiny WILL be fulfilled no matter what but we humans get to decide how and when it will play out. If our destiny is not fulfilled in this lifetime, it will in the next...or the next...the Spiritual Hierarchy has all the time in the world. By the way, there is no “time” in the Spiritual Hierarchy as everything there is in the forever now.


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