American Mantra: : “Useless After 65”

America’s mantra for older people in this country is generally, “Useless after 65.” The behavior toward seniors in America is horrible, abominable. After 65, the American belief is that you are demented, should be put in a home, not have sex (how disgusting), not be eligible for any discounts when it comes to your mortgage, utilities and the like because you are now on a “fixed” income and how dare you be “useless” and not produce something. “What do you do?” is the line most people use on you when they meet you. You are somewhat ashamed to say, “I’m retired” because “I’m retired” means you are not producing anything any more or does it?

America’s credo that older people are useless comes from, in my perception of seeing it, a love of materialism. You are judged and valued in this country by your material possessions and your youth. If you’re rich and young, you’re at the top of the list; if you’re old and poor, you at the bottom of the rung of society. Let older people eat cat food. America can’t wait to get rid of its older people while it pretends to care about this population. Oh, you mean senior discounts at the movies? Please!!! America doesn’t care about its older population because they no longer produce anything in the materialist society that America worships.  “What does an older person provide?” is the question that is asked by most people.

This flies in the face of how the ancient cultures of our world see their older generation: as Wisdom keepers, as wise. They put their seniors on a pedestal and revere them. They keep them in their homes and take care of them. They honor their older generation not shame them. This reverence of seniors in Asian culture, for example, is completely missing from American culture and the reason that the Eastern culture reveres their seniors is because they see life, not as a continuum of producing but as a gathering of wisdom, a learning of life lessons that are VALUABLE to and for the younger generations. In America, the young people think older people’s wisdom is a pestering, a bother to listen to. In America, the younger people are empty headed materialists who are mesmerized by glamour and distraction. There is no sense of culture in the youth of America. They know little about the arts, the know nothing about American history and they know nothing about themselves. Everything is outer directed. There is no internal reference point. It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses. Most young Americans do not know the definition of what it means to be a true “artist”

It is high time that America look at itself in the mirror and see itself for what it is: am empty suit when it comes to what it values in people. People are not machines that should be valued for their production life and when they are worn out, can’t produce, they are thrown out. This is a vile way of
seeing the worth of human beings.

America, get your act together about how you really treat your older generation. There is wisdom in being older and producing material is a surface level way of life that is not the only reason for living.


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