You Too Can Be God Conscious

I am what is known as a “God Conscious” being. What does that mean? It means I came to Earth already of the conscious awareness that I am part of God, part of the Law of One. I vibrate God consciousness in my body, mind, emotions and soul. I am God also, that is, a Divine, sacred being in physical form. I am not all of God, so don’t go there, saying this guy believes he’s God. I don’t believe I’m God. I am a part of God, a piece. Everything and everyone is. What is the problem then?

The problem is that the human beings on Earth are not God conscious because they have been conditioned by controlling forces to believe that God is “out there,” separate from them. This is false. People are God. Period. I came to Earth to allow humans on Earth to see that God consciousness is real and that you can be God conscious too. What is the big deal, you ask?

I really don’t know what they big deal is other than that human beings the world over have been brainwashed into believing that they are Godless unless they follow a certain religion. This belief is so strong in humans that they refuse to see, accept, realize and allow that THEY are God in human form. They believe that it is blasphemous to believe they are God in form. They have been fed misinformation that leaves them in separation consciousness believing that God is someplace else and not IN them, not IN everything there is and so to them, this world is a dead universe where everything is an object and they objectify everything as if it is lifeless. Wrong. The Universe is alive, intelligent, creative and abundant. This same abundance is in every human, in everything on Earth.

All I can say during this time is that you too can be God conscious. You too can be the God you are meant to be. Your concept of God is loaded with many misinformed denotations and connotations
that prevents you from understanding what and who God really is.

I am God conscious no matter where or what planet I am called to. That is what I am and that is what I will always be. You too can be this. It changes everything.


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