Sunday, April 29, 2018

You Can Only Get To God Through Jesus?

On my way home from seeing a play last night, I saw a billboard that said, “You can only get to God Through Jesus.” I found that exclamation very strange as I have a direct connection with God and did not need Jesus to get to God. What is this all about?

I believe that those who say they need Jesus to get to God are blasphemers. They are, in my experience, idolaters, evil humans who seek control by taking away a human’s natural ability to connect with God within themselves. They use Jesus to lie, kill, maim, cheat, steal and hurt others. They don’t know Jesus and they don’t know themselves. Humans are not devoid of God. To think and believe that humans need someone or something else to get to God is false and misguided. To me, it’s a bizarre outlook to believe that humans are not God. Humans are God having a physical experience and humans are born with God in them. No need for a Jesus.

I don’t need to go through Jesus to get to God. That’s a fake narrative perpetrated by the walking dead upon an unaware populace who crave spiritual solace from religion and are given instead egocentric separation consciousness. What do you do with this mistaken outlook of being told and sold that you have to go through Jesus to get to God?

Become God-Conscious. See God as you and everything around you. You don’t need Jesus to get to God nor do you need anyone or anything else to get to God. When you hear anyone say that you need them to get to God, run as fast as you can, the other way. You are already with God.

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