Why Empaths Often Lack Self-Worth On Planet Earth

Being an empath and connecting with other empaths, a common theme amongst us is that we often struggle with our sense of self-worth, our self-esteem. We basically start out life thinking we are weak, bad, odd and not worth a damn. In the end, we come to find out this lack of self-worth is a false and misguided notion. Why do we empaths initially lack self-worth?

The reason I believe that we empaths start out life struggling with our self-worth is that we are highly sensitive beings who experience the truth about situations and people. Well, what’s wrong with that, you ask? What’s wrong is that most of humanity is false, untrue, dishonest, hiding behind a mask that is not their real self and when an empath reveals them to themselves and others with the truth of who they are, they don’t like being exposed. This exposure of fake humanity by empaths, causes the fakers to lash out. Nobody likes being exposed for the fakes they are.

What fake humanity doesn’t realize is that empaths are not looking to “out” them as fakes as a means of punishment or rebuke. It is because empaths have highly developed intuition that they listen to while others do not, most others and that they, the empaths, create MORE empathy with others, not less. What does this mean?

This means that in the face of a mostly fake humanity, that we empaths are still are empathetic toward you. We still care about you and try to show you so with love and concern. We do not, in most cases, reject fake humanity that hides behind a veneer of falsehood. We embrace this falseness and accept you by bringing you into our fold. It is often you, the fake human, who cannot accept us, the empath and reject us out of hand so we find it difficult to maintain a relationship with you.

Please understand that when I say fake human, I am referring to humans who refuse to connect with their inner truth of who they are, their intuition and act with a veneer of fake emotions that they make up as their real. They don’t really know how they feel since they can’t really feel, not as deeply as an empath feels. Most humans are fake because they feel on a very surface level. In many cases, most humans don’t want to feel. They’d rather take Xanax.

Imagine someone who feels deeply living in a world of people who don’t feel, reject their intuition, feel that their inherent sensitivity is a weakness!!! To us empaths, it’s like living in a toxic waste dump. Yet we continue trying to exert our sensitivity and intuition but this time around, we know it’s a strength, we have great self-worth and self-esteem because we have highly developed boundary mechanisms that help us defend against the gunk we find in the toxic human emotional environment. We send out love of the purest kind and if it falls on deaf emotions, so be it. We now know that our empathy is a power, not a detriment.


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