Time To Be Impeccable

In my estimation, now is the time that our culture needs impeccable people to step forward. It is time to be impeccable. What does it mean to be impeccable and why is it needed now?

In my experience with being impeccable which is a state of being that is never complete; I have found impeccability to be simply the best use of my energy level. In being impeccable, I have experienced that it calls for:

1. Frugality.

2. Thoughtfulness.

3. Simplicity.

4. Innocence.

And above all:

5. Lack of self-reflection.

The reason being impeccable is needed now in our world is that most people are mesmerized by glamor where everything is a distraction. This distraction has taken people out of their balance, out of their code of ethics, out of their connection to Spirit. It is living on a surface level all the time and
leaves many dis-empowered with no sense of an internal guidance system except for the precepts of the ego which is “eat or be eaten.”

Taking on impeccability allows one to be more centered from within and able to withstand the storms of ultra-control, greed, approval, judgement, competition and comparison that is coming from the outside in the form of collective consciousness. When you are impeccable, you are not necessarily moral but you are ethical and principled and know the right thing to do that has nothing to do with right and wrong.

Being impeccable is a state that arises from being wise, being aware. This impeccable state comes from within, not from a cell phone or any other technology. It is a soul-inspired state of being and its time has come. Seek to be impeccable now.


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